We are a leading provider of advanced technology solutions that secure the vital assets of the world’s largest enterprises. We work one—on-one with businesses all around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, that require cybersecurity and protection in the face of ever-evolving threats. We protect and defend with information assurance solutions and services that ensure system availability, integrity, authentication, and confidentiality. We bridge the gap between tech & business.

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A CIA Triad Security Approach

To achieve piece-of-mind security, we take a three-prong approach represented by the CIA Triad of security protection. No matter your business, size, or security requirements.


This is a no-brainer in today’s world. We ensure proper protocols are in place and remain effective no matter what, protecting your sensitive and private information from unauthorized access.


Next, comes data integrity. Loss of data from deletion or modification can greatly impact your operations and business. We work with your business to develop thorough processes that ensure your data is protected from unauthorized parties.


With this final component, we make sure your data is both protected and available when it’s needed. We’ll make sure authentication mechanisms and access channels and systems all work properly for the information they protect.

Security Services

Our Path To Security Leads
To Peace of Mind

Assess & Inform

First, we identify key security gaps in your current system. Then we inform key stakeholders of current and emerging cyber risks.

Remediate & Optimize

We guide you through how to successfully remove threats and strengthen your overall security in the least disruptive means possible.

Consult & Protect

We guide you through how to successfully remove threats and strengthen your overall security in the least disruptive means possible.

Staying Ahead of
the Threats

In an ever-changing threat landscape, minimizing the size of your attack surface is essential for your security but not always possible depending on your business operation.

To help mitigate and ensure the health of your environment, regularly conducted vulnerability assessment and penetration tests are essential to most cybersecurity programs today.

Our team of specialists provide additional in-depth explanation of the various ways certain risks can be exploited, so you can develop an actionable remediation plan, helping you stay steps ahead of potential threats.

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As the leading provider of security and security consulting services to mid-market and enterprise, we offer a comprehensive array of solutions that enable organizations to increase their security posture. We specialize in:

  • Governance & Compliance Security: We handle all your auditing and regulatory compliance needs for accreditations such as: HIPAA, SOX, ITAR, etc.


  • Application Security: Our experts vet software and web applications for any loopholes that might allow for exploits or vulnerabilities.


  • Information Security: We’ll ensure every measure is taken to prevent loss, misuse, corruption or leaking of information, safeguarding intellectual property and other company assets.


  • Network Security: Analysis of a network with an eye towards security best practices and if the need arises, performing digital forensics using high industry standard frameworks such as NIST.


  • Augment Blue/Red Teams: Penetration testing and social hacking. We perform targeted attacks on your network to flush out vulnerabilities and weaknesses, exposing issues before threat actors have a chance to exploit them.

Trin Philosophy

What We Strive For

We are a passionate team of security evangelists who work closely with your organization to achieve balanced security without disruption to your business operations. Working with you in lockstep from day one, we become your organization’s security champion—ensuring your security profile is rock-solid and resilient.

We are committed to understanding your unique situation and the nature of your operation and implementing a layered approach to security that’ll benefit your organization the most.

Finally, we will fully and consistently engage with business stakeholders in order to educate them on key InfoSec principles, tactics and methodology, bridging the gap between the tech side and the business side.

Skills We Process

PCI Compliance 100%
FFIEC/SOX Compliance 100%
GDPR Compliance 100%
HIPAA Compliance 100%
HITRUST Compliance 100%
Other Standards 100%

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