As our world moves increasingly online, cyber threats become all the more prevalent. It’s our job at TrinSecurity to help small, midsize, and large enterprises keep their assets safe. We work with companies across all sectors, from healthcare to fintech and Fortune 500 brands. We provide the advanced technological solutions they require for data security, compliance, and peace of mind.

TrinSecurity was established in 2019 by Jake Perez. Perez is a technology driven, veteran of the IT field, working in high-level cybersecurity positions for major enterprises in healthcare, banking, and beyond. His career has expanded over 15 years, his qualifications, expertise and passion for delivering effective solutions is what motivated him to start TrinSecurity.

This cohesive team of experts a.k.a “InfoSec Evangelists” are highly skilled and accredited, for vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, ethical hacking, compliance, regulatory assessments and can offer deep consultative work as virtual CISO’s or security team augments for clients’ staff.

Businesses and corporations choose TrinSecurity when they want sophisticated information security solutions that ensure data availability, integrity, authentication, and confidentiality. We invite you to contact our consultants to learn more about customized IT security options.

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