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ALTA Best Practices Assessment Consulting

TrinSecurity offers comprehensive ALTA assessment, consulting, policy writing, and training services!

Are you an ALTA (American Land Title Association) member and you want to comply with their Best Practices standards but you’re not sure how to go through it? Don’t worry, TrinSecurity is here to help you!

Policy writing and compliance services are our forte.
Take advantage of our team of experts and services!

  • Policy writing and procedures

    ALTA Best Practices compliance requires you to have a detailed policy and procedures written. Let us help you do that!

  • Sample and Templates for ALTA Best Practices Policy and Procedures

    We have sample outlines and templates for ALTA Best Practices Compliance. Never miss important details with our help!

  • Risk Management and Monitoring

    ALTA Compliance requires you to have effective risk management and monitoring tools and procedures to maintain a high level of security within the title industry. TrinSecurity will help you develop effective risk management and monitoring protocols.

  • Third-party compliance monitoring

    ALTA also requires you to ensure that all your third-party vendors meet the minimum security standards they set. We can help you assess and monitor if your vendors comply with ALTA Best Practices standards.

You can check our services tab to see our other products and services! You focus on growing your business and we will focus on making sure you comply with every standard your business requires.

Other Services We Cover

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If your business maintains records related to medical treatment and care, it’s important to comply with all HIPAA guidelines. Our team can help you take all the right steps to maintain this compliance.

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Businesses that need accreditation in the handling of medical and healthcare-specific data can trust our team for the most robust IT safeguards.

Other standards including:2020-05-28T19:13:41+00:00

NIST, NIST 800-53, NIST800-171, the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation (23NYCRR 500) and SOC 2 Audit Reporting Services, etc.

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