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SBIR & STTR Information Security

Advance your business with SBIR & STTR Information Security

According to SBIR.gov, the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs are designed to help small businesses explore and maximize their technological potential in improving or developing their products and services. Part of that endeavor is ensuring business or technological information security. We are here to help you meet the program’s security standards and take advantage of their benefits.

TrinSecurity offers assistance in developing information security protocols and solutions for your SBIR & STTR Information Security program!

Multi-industry expertise

Our team of experts has vast experience from different industries. Whether you’re a healthcare institution, manufacturer, tech provider, or even grocery store, we have experts who can help you maximize SBIR and STTR programs. We are your much-needed help!

Protect your R&D information and technological assets

SBIR and STTR seek to improve technological asset handling by small businesses. With our help, your precious research and development information and assets are secured.

SBIR & STTR Information Security Compliance and Training

Part of what we do is to help you train your staff in keeping your information secured. You go ahead take care of your business operation and we will be keeping your digital information safe. We have a variety of training programs and security policy templates from which you can choose from. We can even customize one for you!

Active Assistance

We will assist you from start to finish. We will also be there to help you maintain your information security integrity. We will actively participate in your mission of improving your business and keeping a safe digital environment. Get your business going now! Talk to us!

Other Services We Cover

HIPAA Compliance Services2020-06-12T19:55:16+00:00

If your business maintains records related to medical treatment and care, it’s important to comply with all HIPAA guidelines. Our team can help you take all the right steps to maintain this compliance.

PCI Compliance Services2020-06-12T19:55:34+00:00

TrinSecurity can also help your company maintain its payment card industry accreditation, providing safe transactional processing standards for VISA, MasterCard, bank drafts, and beyond.

FFIEC/SOX Compliance Services2020-06-12T19:55:58+00:00

Banking and accounting firms have rigorous standards for information security. TrinSecurity’s consultants can help you put all the right mechanisms and safeguards in place.

GDPR/CCPA Compliance Services2020-06-12T19:56:16+00:00

Companies that do business in Europe and/or the State of California face specific regulations on their use of consumer data. Our team can help you put the appropriate privacy controls in place.

Hitrust Compliance Services2020-06-12T19:56:34+00:00

Businesses that need accreditation in the handling of medical and healthcare-specific data can trust our team for the most robust IT safeguards.

Other standards including:2020-05-28T19:13:41+00:00

NIST, NIST 800-53, NIST800-171, the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation (23NYCRR 500) and SOC 2 Audit Reporting Services, etc.

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