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The Mobile Backdoor

As we shift to digital, we also shift to mobile. Mobile devices are undeniably becoming an important part of our day to day lives. However, at the same time, cybercriminals are now also shifting their attention to mobile devices.Over the past years, the advancement in mobile technology greatly widens its participation not just in our [...]

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Cybersecurity and SMBs

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our transition into a fully-digital business world. Businesses from all scales and spectrum are quickly adapting to the demands of a fully-digital society. Also, along with this transition, the demand for better cybersecurity measures also increases. However, despite all the efforts, the number of cyber attacks doesn’t seem to diminish, instead, [...]

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Device Rooting and Jailbreaking

Mobile devices have been our friends for a long time now. They have been our partners to our day to day tasks from personal to business stuff. As technology evolves, so as the technology and features associated with mobile devices. This is the reason why heavy priority is given to mobile security. When it comes [...]

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Let’s talk about passwords!

Passwords play a very important role in cybersecurity. A password is code used to access a particular file or database. Its characters can be alphanumeric or with symbols. The more complex a password is, the better it would be. The main idea is to make the password unique to make it virtually impossible for other [...]

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The Growing Concern on Compliance

In an almost fully digital society, cybersecurity isn’t just about having the latest antimalware technology, software, or protocols, or having the best people. For the most part, compliance plays an important role in the cybersecurity world. Understanding Compliance Before businesses are allowed to operate via digital means, security organizations and the government impose certain guidelines [...]

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Since everything is now digital, information security has now become among the top priorities of most businesses. As critical business information and assets are now being processed digitally, the corresponding security has to keep up and be monitored. Apart from having the best technologies to protect your business, having dedicated personnel responsible for monitoring, updating, [...]

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Third-Party Software Security

As things go digital, reliance on software applications whether for personal and business use went up dramatically. For generations, software programs and applications have been our friends in our digital needs. However, alongside digital improvement, threats are also everywhere. In a time where great demand and effort is invested in security, are we sure that [...]

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Attack Response and Threat Preparedness

The COVID-19 Pandemic put all governments to the test. How well did they respond to the pandemic? How ready are they? In the same manner, threats and attacks always test how prepared businesses are for cyberattacks. Under the radar Most of the successful attacks are those that are done under the radar - meaning those [...]

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Identifying Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are the “dangers” to which your entire digital network and system could be exposed to. In building a reliable security system, identifying these threats is important as it becomes the basis of how your security system is built. To better understand these threats, we identified several categories and areas to which these threats [...]

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Spotify Spots Stuffing Attacks

Spotify is probably the most popular music streaming software today. In 2019, Spotify recorded around 286 million users and continues to increase as years go by. Spotify is taking advantage of the massive shift to digital even in the music industry. However, a report posted in Threatpost.com last February 4, 2021, shows that the music [...]

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