Cybersecurity and SMBs

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our transition into a fully-digital business world. Businesses from all scales and spectrum are quickly adapting to the demands of a fully-digital society. Also, along with this transition, the demand for better cybersecurity measures also increases. However, despite all the efforts, the number of cyber attacks doesn’t seem to diminish, instead, [...]

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Attack Response and Threat Preparedness

The COVID-19 Pandemic put all governments to the test. How well did they respond to the pandemic? How ready are they? In the same manner, threats and attacks always test how prepared businesses are for cyberattacks. Under the radar Most of the successful attacks are those that are done under the radar - meaning those [...]

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Business Ethics and Cybersecurity

Businesses, especially the large ones, are the usual victims of cyberattacks. However, there are also instances where these businesses become benefactors and even perpetrators of such attacks. When the defender becomes the attacker December 31, 2020, when BBC News website posted an article saying that Ticketmaster, a California-based ticket sales and distribution giant was fined [...]

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Threat Detection Efficiency

The Cybersecurity world is an attack versus defense world. Cybercriminals launch attacks and cybersecurity employ defenses from these attacks. Attackers would want to sneak into your system and you want to be able to detect such sneaking. Therefore, the key to effective cybersecurity is none other than detection. No matter how advanced your security tech [...]

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Warning! Online Shopping Malware

Over the past decade, online shopping has taken over a huge percentage of our everyday online and commercial activity. Especially this year, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic where social distancing is implemented, online shopping activities skyrocketed. That’s why most brands are now shifting to online shopping marketing. Online shopping apps and websites are recording their [...]

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WastedLocker Ransomware

Ever since ransomware became a major cybersecurity threat, different versions of it came out. Some were successful, some aren’t. However, this only shows that cybercriminals never stop finding ways for their evil schemes. Just October this year, a new and more sophisticated form of ransomware called the ‘WastedLocker’ hit Boyne’s Resort’s online [...]

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Alert! The ‘Unsubscribe’ Scams

One of the most annoying things about email is receiving a lot of them, and by a lot, we really mean a lot. Whether it be your work or personal email, for those who use them regularly, it’s no surprise to see hundreds of new emails almost every day. We may even wonder how did [...]

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Exploiting a bug: Ryuk Ransomware

Ryuk ransomware is one of the most evasive ransomware to date, run by a group called Wizard Spider, a Russia based group also known for the Trickbot Banking Malware. Ryuk ransomware was first detected back in August 2018 but recently came into the spotlight again after it successfully completed an attack within just 5 hours! [...]

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Credential Stuffing

What is Credential Stuffing? Credential Stuffing is a form of cyberattack where stolen login credentials like usernames and passwords are fired to numerous websites like social media sites, online banking portals, online shopping sites, or any website that requires a username and password. The idea is to find any website to which the stolen credential [...]

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