Cybersecurity and SMBs

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our transition into a fully-digital business world. Businesses from all scales and spectrum are quickly adapting to the demands of a fully-digital society. Also, along with this transition, the demand for better cybersecurity measures also increases. However, despite all the efforts, the number of cyber attacks doesn’t seem to diminish, instead, [...]

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Attack Response and Threat Preparedness

The COVID-19 Pandemic put all governments to the test. How well did they respond to the pandemic? How ready are they? In the same manner, threats and attacks always test how prepared businesses are for cyberattacks. Under the radar Most of the successful attacks are those that are done under the radar - meaning those [...]

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Identifying Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are the “dangers” to which your entire digital network and system could be exposed to. In building a reliable security system, identifying these threats is important as it becomes the basis of how your security system is built. To better understand these threats, we identified several categories and areas to which these threats [...]

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Spotify Spots Stuffing Attacks

Spotify is probably the most popular music streaming software today. In 2019, Spotify recorded around 286 million users and continues to increase as years go by. Spotify is taking advantage of the massive shift to digital even in the music industry. However, a report posted in last February 4, 2021, shows that the music [...]

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