Third-Party Software Security

As things go digital, reliance on software applications whether for personal and business use went up dramatically. For generations, software programs and applications have been our friends in our digital needs. However, alongside digital improvement, threats are also everywhere. In a time where great demand and effort is invested in security, are we sure that [...]

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Threat Detection Efficiency

The Cybersecurity world is an attack versus defense world. Cybercriminals launch attacks and cybersecurity employ defenses from these attacks. Attackers would want to sneak into your system and you want to be able to detect such sneaking. Therefore, the key to effective cybersecurity is none other than detection. No matter how advanced your security tech [...]

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The Importance of Consultative Services

“If symptoms persist, consult a doctor” ... You’ve probably heard this statement more than a couple of times. Whenever you see a TV ad about medicines like Aspirin, they have this little disclaimer at the end advising you to consult a doctor when their product didn’t help. You can think of an entire digital security [...]

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Compliance and Regulatory

We define compliance as adherence to specific standards set by government bodies to an organization while regulation is making sure that the organization is compliant at all times. It is important to understand that an organization’s digital security needs to be compliant with standards set by the assigned government bodies. In order to protect the [...]

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What Services do Digital Security Providers offer?

If you are here looking for the right digital security provider, you might want to know what services they offer. Take TrinSecurity for example. They divided their services into 3 categories. Each category represents the service you can avail depending on your need. Sometimes, organizations hire security providers not to provide security for [...]

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