Device Rooting and Jailbreaking

Mobile devices have been our friends for a long time now. They have been our partners to our day to day tasks from personal to business stuff. As technology evolves, so as the technology and features associated with mobile devices. This is the reason why heavy priority is given to mobile security. When it comes [...]

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Let’s talk about passwords!

Passwords play a very important role in cybersecurity. A password is code used to access a particular file or database. Its characters can be alphanumeric or with symbols. The more complex a password is, the better it would be. The main idea is to make the password unique to make it virtually impossible for other [...]

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Since everything is now digital, information security has now become among the top priorities of most businesses. As critical business information and assets are now being processed digitally, the corresponding security has to keep up and be monitored. Apart from having the best technologies to protect your business, having dedicated personnel responsible for monitoring, updating, [...]

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Third-Party Software Security

As things go digital, reliance on software applications whether for personal and business use went up dramatically. For generations, software programs and applications have been our friends in our digital needs. However, alongside digital improvement, threats are also everywhere. In a time where great demand and effort is invested in security, are we sure that [...]

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