The Mobile Backdoor

As we shift to digital, we also shift to mobile. Mobile devices are undeniably becoming an important part of our day to day lives. However, at the same time, cybercriminals are now also shifting their attention to mobile devices.Over the past years, the advancement in mobile technology greatly widens its participation not just in our [...]

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Device Rooting and Jailbreaking

Mobile devices have been our friends for a long time now. They have been our partners to our day to day tasks from personal to business stuff. As technology evolves, so as the technology and features associated with mobile devices. This is the reason why heavy priority is given to mobile security. When it comes [...]

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Let’s talk about passwords!

Passwords play a very important role in cybersecurity. A password is code used to access a particular file or database. Its characters can be alphanumeric or with symbols. The more complex a password is, the better it would be. The main idea is to make the password unique to make it virtually impossible for other [...]

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Location On or Off?

The Location Feature The Location feature in our devices, whether mobile or not, has been there for quite a long time. It is a feature that lets our device identify our exact location on the globe via GPS or Global Positioning System. It uses telecommunication signals and the internet to accurately locate us through our [...]

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Warning! Deep Fakes

Audio and Video recording is now a thing. ‘Vlogs’ or video logs started before as a video diary but today, it’s now a career. YouTubers earn by posting their vlogs. Some vloggers create content by taking videos of themselves doing things and posting them online. CCTV footage and videos also assisted in many criminal investigations. [...]

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7 Steps To Securing Your Mobile Device

In today’s society, we have to admit that most of our needs are handled through our mobile devices. Our smartphones and tablets are now our day-to-day partners for every spectrum of our daily lives. Aside from communication and entertainment, our mobile devices become our partners in doing financial transactions, documentation, videography and photography, business operations, [...]

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Living in the Smart Environment

Today, phones aren’t the only thing that has become smart. TVs, refrigerators, home alarms, and even watches are now having their smart versions. By smart, we mean that these appliances are now having a certain degree of intelligence and functionality that allows it to automatically adjust to the user’s preference without the need for input. [...]

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