Information security is proven vital especially in the current digital age. Privacy and security matter most in developing digital trust. Reviewing privacy policies and security measures of every digital system employed for business or personal use is key in maintaining a safe and secure digital environment. But where are we now in terms of information security? What is the current state of our digital privacy protection?

A global economic recession

COVID-19 pandemic’s global effect is tremendous. The long lockdown period is killing businesses resulting in mass unemployment. Countries greatly hit by this pandemic are now experiencing an economic depression. As efforts are shifted to fighting the coronavirus and saving the economy, less attention is given to information security. This could allow hackers to attack.

So, where are we now?

Healthcare companies and hospitals are common targets for cyberattacks. February this year, Boston Children’s Hospital’s digital network was down for days due to a cyber attack forcing doctors to do their work manually. The attack left them with no access to the patient database which is crucial in running a hospital. Since the healthcare industry is at the frontline in the fight against this pandemic, if such an attack would happen to a hospital caring for COVID-19 patients, it’s going to be a serious problem.

This could be the perfect diversion attackers are waiting for. As we are busy dealing with this pandemic, we are sitting ducks in terms of information security. We are not just in a state of a health emergency, but also a state of an information security emergency. If left unchecked, we might lose this digital security war.

The bright side

The good thing is, there are companies who specialize in providing expert advice, assessing security environments, and setting up a formidable digital defense against threats of declining information security awareness. Their role is important in the fight against information security threats.

Since a great focus is given to alleviate the effects of the pandemic, which is very important, security experts are there to take care of what most people can’t. It’s high time for businesses to avail of information security services. Anti-malware and anti-virus software may not be enough. While you focus on recovering economic activities, these security experts are there to make sure that no backdoor is left open for digital goons.

Why stress yourself in doing everything while there are people who can help you? People who know what you don’t in terms of digital security. People who see what you can’t. People who can help you protect your precious data.