Digital technology has surely overtaken our society. It’s practically impossible to be a successful business today without the help of digital techs. The better the technology is, the greater security it demands. You’ve probably seen our little slogan here on our website “security-centric, business-minded”. Well, it is there for a reason. We aim to offer top-notch cybersecurity with little to no hindrance to your business operations. It’s our goal to provide security that is best fitted to your business environment.

Business vs. Security

Business requires security and security is our business. When security measures are applied without proper study, it may not just expose you to cyber-attacks, but may also impede your business. So how can security impede business? Well, poor security surely does. Millions of dollars were lost due to cybercrime. But too much security or should I say unnecessary security measures may cost lower profit.

To put it into perspective, imagine you wanted to buy your favorite chocolate bar and there are two convenience stores nearby that sell it. Both offer it at the same price and of just the same distance from your place. The catch is, one store has simple yet effective security but the other has airport-like security where it would take you around a minute before even entering the place. The question is this, which one will you choose?

Of course, having airport-like security sounds safe, but it’s not very practical in the context we’ve mentioned. Most people will choose to go to the store with a simple security. As a result, that store with simple security might earn more than the other. That is what we mean by being security-centric and business-minded. We help you create an effective security environment without getting in the way of your business.

Business Specific Security

The biggest mistake of many entrepreneurs today is they pay little attention to cybersecurity. Many do pay attention but are not willing to properly invest in it. They think they can take care of themselves. Well, we really wish they could but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Security has to be business specific. The kind of cyber protection must match the business landscape. Some think that they can just copy the security system of some business identical to theirs. But unfortunately, that’s not enough. Every business has its own DNA and is unique from others. What we do is study that DNA and use the data to create the most suited security plan for your business. We don’t just copy from some other project and paste it to yours, instead, we use it as a reference and see which can be applied to you. We try to see your needs and apply simple yet effective measures. That way, we can ensure security and let your business go smoothly at the same time.