2020 is a year that we will all remember but not in a very positive way. The COVID-19 pandemic really had its effect throughout the previous year. Our lifestyle changed in almost every way possible.

2020 is also a very challenging year for cybersecurity. The rapid adoption of work from home and the rise of online stores and delivery services opened a lot of open doors for cyber attackers to wreak havoc. The rush of changing operating systems for businesses resulted in a lack of attention to security. It’s quite understandable because most firms are trying to survive.

But what do we expect this 2021 in terms of cybersecurity? Will there be any significant changes? Or will it remain the same?

In a post in Threatpost.com, cybersecurity experts predict that there will be a great focus on cybersecurity this 2021 especially for remote businesses and work from home. They say that homes will be targets of more attacks because they know that some important business information and assets can be accessed through a remote device in a household. An office workstation moved to the employee’s home is vulnerable to compromise because instead of being connected to a secured local office network, it connects through the internet where traffic can be intercepted by attackers if the security is weak.

Also, cloud services will also be targets of attack. Because of remote business, dependence on cloud storage in saving and moving data soared up high. Cloud service is both practical and convenient. Top tech companies like Google and Apple promote cloud services to their users. Even smartphone manufacturers have their own cloud service for their users to enjoy. This mass adoption of cloud storage poses a great challenge to cybersecurity experts.

2021 is also seen to be a year of great technological advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Self-driving cars, AI assistants are now a thing. AI assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa store user inputs for future references, and these are precious data. Remember Jarvis? Tony Stark’s super AI in Marvel movies? He has access to everything about Tony. Imagine Jarvis being hacked. Tony can lose everything in a day.

Attacks on mobile devices will be more rampant this year. Mobile security will be a focal point for cybersecurity experts this year.

Fortunately, 2021 will also be a glorious year for cybersecurity technology. Firms are now more aware of how important cybersecurity is and are now allotting bigger budgets for it.

Despite all the possible threats, experts believe that security can keep up as long as more people become aware.