Ethical hacking is practically the same as hacking but is done with a different purpose. Hackers do their thing to cause damage but ethical hackers hack to check possible vulnerabilities to fortify defenses. It’s like defending by getting into the shoes of the attacker. If you know how, when, and where hackers will attack, you can prepare and strengthen that weak point.

Ethical hacking might be new to our ears but it’s been there for a long time. Though the term ‘Ethical hacking’ was first introduced in 1995, the practice has been there longer. Since then, government agencies and cybersecurity firms employ the practice for security reasons.

Meet the Ethical Hackers

An Ethical Hacker’s job revolves around two things: they hack hackers to disrupt them and expose them to legal apprehension and they hack legitimate systems to discover vulnerabilities and patch them.

For the sake of professionalism and integrity, ethical hackers are properly certified. The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a professional organization of e-business and security experts that trains and certifies ethical hackers. Such a certifying body monitors ethical hackers to ensure that they won’t use their skills for malicious intentions. They follow a specific code of ethics to ensure security and integrity.

Ethical hackers attempt to infiltrate systems to expose and fix their weaknesses. They work with firms and security experts like TrinSecurity to keep our digital environment safe from malicious hackers.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

  1. Ethical hacking discovers vulnerabilities from the attacker’s point of view and patches them accordingly. It’s like patching your roof’s holes before the rain comes.
  2. Ethical hacking assists the government for national security purposes and criminal apprehension. They hack criminal or terrorist systems and expose them.
  3. Ethical hacking helps improve digital security. Their knowledge about it makes them great security consultants.
  4. Ethical hacking helps the security industry gain trust and confidence from customers and clients. Since their work is proven effective, it results in customer satisfaction which is good for the security industry.
  5. Ethical hacking gives former hackers to have a new way of life and earn good and legit money. It can give them a second chance.
  6. Hackers develop malware while ethical hackers develop anti-malware. They create useful tools and software that can be used by others to beef their digital fences.

Ethical hacking has definitely helped improve digital security over the year.

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