The Cybersecurity world is an attack versus defense world. Cybercriminals launch attacks and cybersecurity employ defenses from these attacks. Attackers would want to sneak into your system and you want to be able to detect such sneaking. Therefore, the key to effective cybersecurity is none other than detection. No matter how advanced your security tech is if it fails to detect an attack, then it’s useless.

According to some experts, there is an existing security sensory and efficiency problem. This means that many attacks succeed because detection failed. Hold on, aren’t advanced security technologies have the best detection capabilities? How can it fail to detect an attack?

We have to understand that security programs such as anti-malware software still rely on human input to tell them what to detect. If you are manually updating your Windows 10 via the Windows Update option in settings, you would notice that one of the most frequent updates are security patches and virus definitions. These updates will tell Windows Defender (Windows built-in anti-malware software) what file types, malware, and viruses to watch out for. Take note that new forms of malware are detected and recognized almost every day that’s why it’s important to “teach” your antivirus these new things to detect. These updates are from rigid research and work of security experts who workday and night trying to identify new threats. Put it this way, a security camera is useless if no one’s checking or monitoring it right?

Cybercriminals, on the other hand, exert a lot of human effort to inject their malware into target systems. A gun would need someone to aim and pull the trigger, right? The same is true with cybersecurity. We need someone to hold our shields. Here lies the problem with threat detection. Attackers are more active than defenders. Most of the time, a threat is only identified when something was infected. We become responsive rather than being preventive. Such is a challenge for cybersecurity experts. After all, you cannot make a vaccine for a virus that doesn’t exist.

That is why cybersecurity experts stress the importance of having a dedicated cybersecurity team and consultant for every firm. Active monitoring, scanning, and updating is key to efficient threat detection. Being updated to new attacks and security trends will help firms fortify their defenses. Yes, our current security technology is amazing but cybersecurity has no place for complacency. Billions of dollars were lost because of poor cybersecurity protocols. Active human participation in cybersecurity greatly increases the effectiveness of existing protocols.