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Cyber Security Services –
Incident Response Plans

Be ready for anything

In cases of attacks, what do you do? We can help you make incident response plans which will help you orchestrate a structured and well-thought-of response in times of attacks. TrinSecurity can help you devise automatic responses when attacks are detected.

Clearing the mess

Cyber attacks are messy, and sometimes, when things go south, our response also turns to be messy too. With our experts’ advice, we can help you avoid panic. We can help you devise a step by step processes that your entire organization will follow in case of attacks.

Damage assessment and reduction

Cyber-attacks cause damage and minimizing it is the top priority during these times. First, we can help you figure out the extent of the attack and how much damage you took. We can also help you reduce further possible damage.

Effective Alarm Mechanics

Detection is one thing and notifying concerned personnel of the attack is another. Does your current security system notify you when it detects an attack? We can help you set alarms that will go off the moment attackers try to snoop in.

Prevention and Cure

Never repeat the same mistake twice. We can also help you prevent the same attack from happening again. How your organization responds to attacks is a crucial element of cybersecurity. If you’re quite lost as to how to create an effective incident response plan, talk to us! We will help all the way!

Other Services We Cover

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If your business maintains records related to medical treatment and care, it’s important to comply with all HIPAA guidelines. Our team can help you take all the right steps to maintain this compliance.

PCI Compliance Services2020-06-12T19:55:34+00:00

TrinSecurity can also help your company maintain its payment card industry accreditation, providing safe transactional processing standards for VISA, MasterCard, bank drafts, and beyond.

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Businesses that need accreditation in the handling of medical and healthcare-specific data can trust our team for the most robust IT safeguards.

Other standards including:2020-05-28T19:13:41+00:00

NIST, NIST 800-53, NIST800-171, the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation (23NYCRR 500) and SOC 2 Audit Reporting Services, etc.

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