Certified Ethical Hacker Engagements (CEH)

At TrinSecurity, we engage certified ethical hackers to try to exploit weaknesses in your IT security… allowing us to pinpoint weak spots before they are found by bad actors. Plus, we will make the necessary patches or fixes.

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Cloud-Stored Data Consultations

Storing your company’s valuable data on the cloud is convenient and cost-effective. With our help, you can ensure that your data remains properly secured, and also accessible to authorized team members.

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Security Technology Assessments

What measures should you be taking to keep your enterprise software and hardware safe and secure? TrinSecurity can provide guided assessments and help you identify potential areas of vulnerability, then suggest the best measures to implement.

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Office 365 Security Reviews

Office 365 technology provides a number of collaborative tools for work teams. However, there are also some potentially significant security breaches. TrinSecurity can assist you in reviewing and safeguarding your company-wide Office 365 usage.

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