The Location Feature

The Location feature in our devices, whether mobile or not, has been there for quite a long time. It is a feature that lets our device identify our exact location on the globe via GPS or Global Positioning System. It uses telecommunication signals and the internet to accurately locate us through our devices wherever we are on the globe. Navigating apps like Waze and Google Maps use GPS to navigate you wherever you need to go, and it requires that we allow the app to access our location before we can use them.

Turning the Location feature ‘On’ on our devices provides a lot of practical and fancy features. Aside from helping us in navigation, it also allows parents to monitor where their kids are via their phones. It allows your device to automatically change its displayed time when changing time zones. It helps your weather app tell the latest weather forecast on your location. It also helps you find a nearby match on dating apps. You can also use this feature to share where you are when you need someone to pick you up. It also helps you use Uber.

The Danger of leaving it On

Before we go allowing every app on our phone or computer to gain location access to maximize their fancy features, we should know the dangers of giving access to your location. The major danger revolves around privacy. Giving location access to certain apps on your phone is like letting them know where you are at any time of day.

For example, we love posting happy moments on our social media accounts. Usually, when you allow your social media app to access your location, it will add a geotag whenever you post. The geotag will tell you where you are at the time of posting. Though this may sound harmless at most times, perpetrators may use the location information you post. Stalkers can use this to follow you wherever you are. Thieves can use this to know when you are away from home which will give them time to rob your house. Some will use your location pattern to study your behavior and snoop into your private life.

The greatest danger is when we surf the net. When we leave our location service on while surfing the net, malware-infected websites can access your location information. Take note that our address and location are a piece of important information that we need to protect. There were reports when sexual predators took advantage of their target’s leaked location information to launch their assaults. It’s not just about cybersecurity but your actual security.

To prevent this, only allow location access on apps or services that needed them like Waze, Uber, and Google Maps. As much as possible, avoid posting real-time location on social media. Turn off your computer’s location service when browsing the net.

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