WFH or Work from Home

COVID-19 pandemic gave a huge blow to the world’s economy. The worldwide quarantine measures forced almost all businesses, whether small or large, to either temporarily stop operations or limit them. Obviously, suspension or limitation of operations will do more harm than good to a business in the long run. Such a situation led us to this question: How can businesses operate while at the same time observing social distancing measures and health protection protocols?

This is where Remote Working or also known as “work from home or WFH” setup is seen as an effective and practical solution to this business dilemma. Having an employee or personnel work at the convenience of their own home is not an entirely new idea. In fact, history shows that this can be traced back to as early as the 1700s or the era known as the Industrial Revolution where factories began to rise. Before, since there’s no internet yet, businesses will establish a remote site, known today as a branch or satellite offices, where people can work near their homes.

Since the rise of the internet age, many businesses are already utilizing this setup. One good example is Virtual Assistance, where a client would hire an assistant online, either locally or abroad, and would do tasks for the client and the whole process is done online without physical interaction. Even payment is done online. Freelancing websites are also popular where clients and employees meet and do business online. BPOs also utilize this idea. Today, especially during this time of the pandemic, many businesses shifted most of their operation to “work from home” setup.

Is Working From Home Safe?

The WFH setup is gaining popularity today because it is practical, and it seems to be the best way to continue operations without risking the health of workers. Still, we cannot deny the fact that this setup is entirely limited to tasks that can be done with the aid of a computer. Another thing to consider is that the security of business information could be at risk. Since information is now transmitted over the internet instead of a more secure local office network, it makes critical business information vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This could lead to a major security problem for any business especially today where cyber attackers also innovate along with technology.

Security experts like Trinity Security Inc., a veteran-owned security provider based in Indiana, offer services like data security which can help businesses avoid the risk of a potential cyber-attack. There are also some practical ways to minimize or avoid this threat if a company is to engage with work from home setup.

  • Have a PC dedicated for work purposes only. It is best if a company can have their employees who’re working from home to have their personal PC separate from their work PC. To do this, the company can transfer their encrypted office workstations to its employees’ home. This way, the company can ensure that its data will be safe from the dangers of day to day personal internet usage.
  • Have a dedicated work email. Cyber attackers use email to “phish” personal or even business information from their target.
  • Use a company trusted VPN service. Virtual Private Networks ensures that information sent over the internet is encrypted and secured.
  • Hire security providers like TrinSecurity, Inc. Security providers specialize in providing not just physical security but also data security. By utilizing their service, you can make sure that you have an eye taking care of your business information.

WFH will definitely be a new normal even after this pandemic ends. It will be part of the future of business.