As things go digital, reliance on software applications whether for personal and business use went up dramatically. For generations, software programs and applications have been our friends in our digital needs. However, alongside digital improvement, threats are also everywhere. In a time where great demand and effort is invested in security, are we sure that our trusted third-party software is keeping up?

Third-party software is a digital program designed by third-party firms to perform certain tasks. Let’s take Microsoft Office for example. For generations, we’ve been using them for clerical tasks, documentation, and basic business administrative purposes. Microsoft Office is considered a third-party software because it is made by a different company. Obviously, unless you’re an IT development firm where you can make your own software, 99% of businesses rely on third-party software for their daily activities. In fact, third-party software is vital to our businesses. Though you might want to create and use an application of your own, it is not a practical thing to do especially because we lack the expertise to create one. Not mentioning the cost of creating, testing, and updating one.

Now, let’s talk about security. In creating a safe digital environment, choosing a trusted and secure third-party software is very important. Since these applications will handle, process, and even store your data, it is important that they are secured. But what can we do?

Research and Study

In searching for the right third-party software for you, it is important to do thorough research. Make a study of what your business really needs. Identify which software is trusted in the field you choose. Look at successful businesses similar to yours and try to see which third-party vendors they use. Obviously, there are well-known vendors like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and more whom we know give value to security. Check data security standard certificates. Does the vendor you’re looking at comply with basic security standards?

Consult Experts

To make sure you make the right decision, consult an expert. Here at TrinSecurity, our team of experts can give you professional advice and recommendation on which third-party software to choose. We partner with reliable and trusted software developing firms that can even customize certain apps for your needs.

Update! Update! Update!

Always update your third-party apps. Security adjustments and fixes are rolled-out through updates. This will help you better secure your digital environment.