If you are here looking for the right digital security provider, you might want to know what services they offer. Take TrinSecurity for example. They divided their services into 3 categories. Each category represents the service you can avail depending on your need. Sometimes, organizations hire security providers not to provide security for them but to assess existing security protocols or implement additional defense layers. Let’s take a look at the following. Take note that these 3 categories are all related to each other.

Data Security and Vulnerability

Data Security and Vulnerability services focus on answering the following questions: what data needs protection, how should it be protected, and is the protection enough? Here, security providers will take a deep look at and assess your current digital environment. Vulnerability is assessed and measured. How vulnerable is your data? Is it exposed to specific dangers? They will also do some penetration testing to test the integrity of your defenses. Phishing campaigns are also launched to see if your system can filter them out or if your employees are aware enough to identify a phishing attack. They will also help you review the security features of common office software like Office 365 to help them improve their security protocols.  Cloud data storage security assessments will also be done to ensure that your data stored in the cloud are safe. Also, ethical hacking is used to test the security and find a possible vulnerability and patch it right away. In short, data security and vulnerability services are the heart of what digital security providers do.

Compliance and Regulatory Services

Depending on the type of organization, several government agencies regulate specific businesses. At the same time, these regulating bodies impose security standards that each organization has to follow. This is called compliance. Only organizations granted compliance certificates by these agencies are allowed to operate. Part of this compliance procedure is data security and protection. Digital security providers like TrinSecurity also help firms in their compliance and regulatory needs. Most of the time, organizations secure more than one compliance certificate from more than one regulating body. For example, a health institution like a hospital requires a compliance certificate from HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) which is a government body assigned to ensure the protection of individual health data. At the same time, hospitals also need to comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards relating to card payments. Surely, ensuring compliance in all these regulating bodies is quite a task, that’s why experts like TrinSecurity come to aid you.

Consultative Services

Digital security providers also provide consultative services. In case you need advice on what security measure or program you’re gonna use, they are the right people to talk to. Sometimes, what you think is enough to secure you may not be enough in the eyes of a security expert. It’s good to consult them before implementing any to make the most out of the resource you are willing to invest.

Data security isn’t just about data protection. Data security is a science. It’s not just about protecting the business but also about protecting a nation or even the world economy. That’s why we need experts on this matter. Contact TrinSecurity for a free consultation regarding data security & vulnerability. Call + 1 (213) 257-1044 today!