Audio and Video recording is now a thing. ‘Vlogs’ or video logs started before as a video diary but today, it’s now a career. YouTubers earn by posting their vlogs. Some vloggers create content by taking videos of themselves doing things and posting them online. CCTV footage and videos also assisted in many criminal investigations. Videos qualify as valid court evidence for various crimes.

Videography is much better today. CGI or Computer-Generated Imagery in movies looks more real than ever before. In fact, many films today are more CGI dependent. Some of the stunning backgrounds you see are not actual places but CGI.

However, such technology is also being used to spread fake news and black propaganda. A few years back, a video of Former US President Barack Obama cursing went viral. However, it turns out that the video is a social experiment done by Jordan Peele to warn the people of the dangers of Deep Fake.

Deep fakes are basically fake videos. High tech software is used to put a person’s page to another person’s body to produce a video that portrays someone doing something they never did. Deep fake is mostly used to put a celebrity’s face into a porn video creating an instant sex tape. The difference between deep fake from other edited videos is that aside from looking too real, it also uses machine learning technology to put someone else’s face on a video.

Software that learns a person’s face is used to match a target face into a destination video. It uses AI technology to match even facial expressions making them look too real. This is dangerous because it can be used to attack personalities, spread fake news, and false advocacies. Celebrities are the most common victims of deep fakes.

Deep fake is an example of unethical use of technology. Spreading deep fake videos is also a form of cybercrime. Some deep fake videos can be used to lure curious viewers to malware-infected or phishing sites. This is a major concern because these videos make the perfect clickbait for perpetrators.

As of today, careful observation can reveal if a video is a deep fake or not. However, as technology progresses, the time will come that such videos will totally fool our eyes. It is important that we become responsible for every piece of technology we have at our disposal.

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