Data Security is the core of any cybersecurity service. Every service they offer aims to provide sufficient security and protection for your precious digital data. Digital security providers like TrinSecurity focus primarily on data security and vulnerability because it is a critical component to a business operations. Allow us to dive into why these services are important and let’s explore how they can improve your daily operations.

Vulnerability Assessments

Part of this service is assessing possible vulnerabilities in your digital network. Security providers will take a full scan of your digital environment to see which area is prone or vulnerable from attacks. We discover possible entry points before the bad guys discover them. Your software is checked to see if it’s updated to it’s latest security patch. Have you considered that It may be time for a total security overhaul?

Penetration Testings and Phishing Campaigns

Of course, the only way to know if your whole or newly installed security framework is effective, is to test it. Penetration testing is done when we attempt to penetrate your defenses using common hack tricks. It’s basically stress testing your system to see the extent and effectiveness of it. Hackers who can’t get into your system will try to get access by getting legitimate access to your information. They do it through phishing. To effectively test your network, phishing campaigns are performed to see if your system can filter them out. It also gives you the ability to see if your employees are well educated about avoiding phishing emails.

Software and Cloud Reviews

Commonly used office tools, software, storage, and cloud services rely on user reviews to improve not just their services and features, but also their security. Security providers will help you review your Office 365 to give developers enough information on how they can improve their security. Take note that it is crucial to choose a trusted software for your sensitive data. Don’t worry, we are here not just to help you review them but also suggest which office or security software passed an expert’s eye.

Security Technology Assessment

The heart of a secured digital network is the security technology behind it. Digital security providers will also help you choose, build, and review your current security tech. This involves antivirus software, encryption, authentication and access protocols from biometric scans to retinal scans. Have you asked yourself  some of these basic questions;

  • Is your ID scanner tamper and foolproof? 
  • Do you have enough access restrictions for sensitive info? 
  • How about alarm systems? 
  • How quick can you be informed if there’s a breach in your digital network? 
  • What kind of tech do you use to manage devices connected to your company wifi? 
  • Can your network filter viruses from your employee’s mobile device or flash drive? 

If you can’t answer these, don’t worry, digital security providers like TrinSecurity can help get your company back on track.